Modern Bedroom Furniture

The perfect design concept for a modern looking bedroom is to use modern bedroom furniture that that has sleek clean lines and has the minimum of knobs and handles. Modern bedroom furniture should be almost architectural in appearance though never tall and over bearing.

Shape of course is of enormous importance when you are looking at modern bedroom furniture but so if colour, finish and overall appearance.

Regarding colour and finishes there are certain design concepts and rules that apply to all periods of furniture when furnishing a room and these are simple.

  • Never buy bedroom furniture that will swamp your room, this includes not buying very dark coloured furniture or dark woods if the room you are furnishing is on the small side.
  • Unless you are furnishing after redecorating your bedroom always consider the colours that are already in the room. The areas to concentrate on are obviously the walls, carpet or flooring and the curtains or drapes.
  • Make sure that the centerpiece is eye catching or dramatic, the centerpiece of the bedroom is usually the bed and if you have chosen a sober looking bed then maybe consider using an interesting bed covering or throw, silk, satin or a contrastingly coloured piece of material draped over the bed close to the foot of the bed always looks dynamic.

So now that we know what the look of the modern furniture which you need in a bedroom to create that modern look we need to discuss what sort of modern furniture pieces are we talking about and when you have the right pieces how to arrange them.

Most modern bedroom furniture is suited so that the bed matches the dressers, wardrobes, dressing tables so once you have decided on the appearance of the bedroom furniture you want and what colour and finish you prefer then you are well over half way to actually furnishing your bedroom with modern bedroom furniture.

As with all and any interior design project it is a good idea to make a rough sketchy plan of the area you want to furnish, in this case your bedroom and try as hard as you can to get a representative scale of the plan. A good guide here is to measure the room in feet and inches and then use a scale of one foot to one inch on the plan. Don’t worry too much about the fractions though.

Then in the shop or from the internet site that you have chosen to supply your furniture get the dimensions of what you have decided to buy. All you have to do then is to draw the furniture, happily the bed, dressers, chests and nightstands will all be nice simple rectangles and cut them out naming them as you go.

When you have your shapes ready and named just put them on the plan and start to arrange them to your liking, always remembering to take into account things like dormer roofs and other structural anomalies that would stop you placing tall furniture in any particular spot.

Bedrooms are pretty easy even for a beginner to furnish because of course the bed usually occupies a lot of the available space and so what you are doing with your plan is making sure that you can walk around the bed and use the other pieces of furniture you want to use.

Here it is a good idea to mark the radius of any opening doors so that you know you can open then etc. If you use a plan and follow the ideas and suggestions above you will have a bedroom that is not only nicely planned, looks very modern but is a pleasure to use.

Modern Bedroom

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